I am a member of the Empenn team, a research group of circa 30 members in methodological and applied neuroimaging science.

Within the team, I currently supervise:

PhD student

Elodie Germani, co-advised with Elisa Fromont, since December 2021. Modelling and understanding analytical variability in task-fMRI.


Jérémy Lefort-Besnard, since January 2023. Practical multiverse approaches in task-fMRI (Inria Exploratory action GRASP).

Research engineers

Hermann Courteille, Thomas Betton and Cyril Regan, since December 2022. BIDS-Prov: standardizing provenance in neuroimaging.

Boris Clenet, since November 2022. NARPS Open pipelines: an open codebase to study analytical variability.